Welcome to the ‘Youth in Action’ Programme (YiA)!

This is a unique opportunity for you to gain an exhilarating international experience through interesting projects. The aim of the YiA office within the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA) is to help and support you achieve this and more opportunities. We believe that bringing young people together from diverse cultures serves them to learn about each other and allows them to express openly their hitherto hidden capabilities.

The YiA Programme can help you broaden your horizons, develop a sense of initiative and take an active part in the construction of Europe of today and tomorrow. It allows young people to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies outside formal education and training structures in order to promote the young people’s personal development and their active participation as responsible citizens.

Since its launch in the Maltese Islands in 2001, initially as the YOUTH Programme, and since 2007 as ‘Youth in Action’ Programme, it succeeded to encounter hundreds of local young people with their foreign counterparts and participate in projects of mutual interest.

So come along and discover the refreshing, colourful world of the YiA Programme!

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